Step out of the urban anonymity and take the time to introduce yourself briefly to your neighbours and to visitors to the area. Just sign up, that’s all it takes to make the Grünewald a good place to live, on a human scale.
Mario Villamiel

Be the change you want to see in the world =)

Hello, ola, hola, bonjour, moien! I'm a Grünewalder from 2015 when I decided to move to my girlfriend's flat. This neighbourghood has a lot of potential, with a multicultural and diverse population and with interesting initiatives like QuartierStuff that brings a chance to all Grünewalders to shape our district. I love nature and I'm learning permaculture so if you have any question or initiative on these topics feel free to contact me! I do vermicomposting... probably one of the few in the district so I can give a hand to anybody who is willing to compost at home! Favourite place: Go towards Neudorf then take rue de Grünewald at the right, you pass under the motorway and you will find an amazing forest! See you in Grünewaldland!