The Grünewalders have demonstrated amazing creativity. In the largest crowdsourcing initiative ever held at Kirchberg, the inhabitants, workers and visitors of Grünewald have shown their enormous creativity by providing more than 1.250 suggestions on how to shape their district. The ideas were collected through 40 panels placed outdoors and indoors as well as through the online platform. “Even in our wildest dreams we had not foreseen such an overwhelming response. We have received ideas in multiple languages and on various levels of detail, touching on anything from playgrounds for children, through cultural activities, to sustainability topics” – says Giny Laroche, Kirchberg District Manager. “We would like to thank the Grünewalders for their incredible response and implication!”

What has happened with your suggestions?

All of the suggestions have been transcribed and the duplicates have been counted to keep track of the most popular ideas. Quartier Stuff Lab members (Kirchberg inhabitants) supported by some invitees including designers, architects, city planners, and the President of Kirchberg Fund himself have then spent hours tagging each of them with at least one relevant theme: ‘green’, ‘youth’, ‘mobility’, ‘services’, ‘public space’, ‘social district life’.

Each suggestion was then individually rated by six lab participants in each of the themes, and some of the most creative ideas were added to the most popular and highest rated ones to make sure the creative spirit is retained throughout the process. Then, lab participants mapped these selected suggestions according to the ease of implementation and potential impact to further prioritise the inputs.

From suggestions to challenge definitions

The created shortlists have served as a basis for defining a challenge in each theme. As a result, the lab will work on 6 challenges this year:

Green: How can we transform existing spaces into green spaces – both functional and dedicated to nature?
Youth: How can we innovate to make Grünewald a neighbourhood where youth thrive, develop and come together?
Mobility: How to innovate mobility in Grünewald in a comfortable and secure way?
Services: How do we create a vibrant community through access to services (needed vs wanted)?
Public space: How can we optimize public spaces for all users of the district to interact and use?
Social district life: How can we conceive a public area that will have social life for all?

A small group of dedicated citizens has been formed around each challenge. The teams are still open to welcoming motivated participants so if you would like to join one of them please contact  immediately. Each challenge team has engaged in intensive research to dive deep into the user (=your) needs through interviews, observation, immersion and desktop research. Be prepared to encounter one of our lab members in this process. They might ask you for an interview or for a permission to ‘shadow’ you for a quick look into your life at Grünewald!

What’s next

After the intensive research activities are concluded and the insights are analysed, the teams will engage in the next steps of ‘design thinking’ approach that will ultimately lead to innovative solution prototyping in the near future. Stay tuned!