Are you a passionate amateur cook and want to share your talent by preparing a meal for a special occasion? Do you have green fingers and can work miracles with dying plants? Do you want to share your musical talent? Are you looking for a chess partner? Would you like to offer conversation classes in your mother tongue? Are you a DIY whiz?  Could you exercise the neighbour’s pet dog while you take your usual stroll around the area? Endless possibilities, opportunities, situations for mutual help and contact between neighbours.

Use the Quartier Stuff website to offer your time, your services and your skills to your neighbourhood.

A simple principle

  1. Advertise your knowledge and skills on the site by simply filling in the advertising page.
  2. Fear not - your private details will not be published. Interested parties will send their contact details to the site and we will send them on to you via email. It is up to you to contact the neighbours interested in your service.
  3. They can, in return, offer you some help or service. Or, you can be the one to take advantage of a service on offer.

Above all, don’t forget to enjoy and smile!