Sortez de l'anonymat urbain et prenez-le temps de vous présenter brièvement à vos voisins et aux visiteurs du quartier. Une simple inscription suffit pour faire du Grünewald un quartier à taille humaine où il fait bon vivre.
Mario Villamiel

Be the change you want to see in the world =)

Hello, ola, hola, bonjour, moien! I'm a Grünewalder from 2015 when I decided to move to my girlfriend's flat. This neighbourghood has a lot of potential, with a multicultural and diverse population and with interesting initiatives like QuartierStuff that brings a chance to all Grünewalders to shape our district. I love nature and I'm learning permaculture so if you have any question or initiative on these topics feel free to contact me! I do vermicomposting... probably one of the few in the district so I can give a hand to anybody who is willing to compost at home! Favourite place: Go towards Neudorf then take rue de Grünewald at the right, you pass under the motorway and you will find an amazing forest! See you in Grünewaldland!