7 November 2018

A Food Truck coming to your area!

Actualité // district life

In a hurry or just a connoisseur of good food? Starting 1st of July, Foodtrucks will be in following areas:  turnaround boulevard K.Adenauer/rue Albert Borschette; labyrinthe...
7 November 2018

A new playground at Parc Central

Actualité // youth, district life

A large playground is now open for families with children. The kids are encouraged to climb and prove their agility and balance skills on a special course. The most unappalled can go on top of the...
28 April 2018

Affordable housing soon offered for sale in the Kiem District

Actualité // housing

The Kirchberg Fund would like to announce that housing will soon be offered for sale in the Kiem District, lots 1 and 2, in keeping with the Government’s procedure for the sale of affordable...
11 October 2017

Actualité // youth, district life, event