Grünewald District: a veritable urban microcosm

The district has undergone a huge expansion in recent years. Complementing the banking sector on “the other side” of Avenue Kennedy, in the Kiem District, it houses tertiary service buildings between Avenue J. F. Kennedy and Rue Ch. Bernhoeft. These buildings were constructed in “city blocks” delineated by streets in a grid pattern. They form a dense urban fabric and each houses several companies - in contrast to the mono-function buildings situated in the “old banking sector” of Kiem. The ground floor levels are partially occupied by commercial outlets, in line with the Fund’s wish to favour mixed-use structures. In this part of the district, the two plots of land remain unoccupied and are intended for hotel and local shop activities.

Construction of the residential area of the Grünewald between Rue Ch. Bernhoeft and Rue des Labours, planned for 1 800 residents, has been completed. It consists of 5 of the overall 20 residential buildings constructed and managed by the SNHBM. The residential buildings are placed like pieces on a chess board with alternating squares for public areas including children’s play areas, private gardens at the foot of each building and communal gardens at two of the buildings. Each communal garden is intersected by a pedestrian path. The residential buildings of the district are all the results of architectural competitions organised by the Fund, which emphasises selecting the best possible approach both in terms of architecture and functionality.  

The Grünewald District also groups together several health related facilities: the Kirchberg Hospital and the Bohler Maternity Clinic (Groupe Hospitalier Schuman), the Elysis care home for the elderly and the Rehazenter - centre for physical therapies. These health service buildings overlook the Parc Klosegrënnchen, one of the Kirchberg’s three public parks which cover a total of 65 hectares. Parc Klosegrënnchen is the most natural with terraces of fruit trees and its wealth of wild plants, including rare orchid species. The upper part is particularly notably with its arid zones - a rarity in Luxembourg. There are three ponds which serve as retention ponds for the rain water runoff from the sealed surfaces of the Serra roundabout.

30 June 2016

Foodtrucks on the labyrinth space between Ed Steichen street and Charles Bernhoeft street from 01.07.2016


Monday to Friday between 11am to 8pm, you can enjoy the services of different Foodtrucks in your neighborhood! 

12 May 2016

Districts for people


By request of the Kirchberg Fund, Gehl Architects, global leader in people centered urban design, are analyzing the public space of the European and Grünewald districts.

29 April 2016

Petanque goes Grünewald


The Kirchberg Fund is building two petanque courts on the Quartier Stuff square between the Edward Steichen and Charles Bernhoeft Streets. Furthermore 2 open air barbecue grills are installed to make out of this square a vibrant meeting point between neighbours, actifs and visitors. 

6 April 2016

Rare orchid discovered in the Klosegrënnchen park


A new stand of the lizard orchid (Himantoglossum hircinum) was recently discovered in the grassy dunes of the Klosegrënnchen park of the Kirchberg Arboretum.