Trying permaculture for the first time


What is permaculture ?


    The term “permaculture” is an abbreviation of the English expression “permanent agriculture” and first appeared in 1978 in a seminal work entitled “Permaculture One: A Perennial Agriculture for Human Settlements”.


Recognising the environmental threats posed by industrialised agricultural practices, Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, advocated an approach based on the natural cycle and on the use of traditional techniques. The aim was to design facilities (living areas, areas of cultivation…), which fulfil the aims of being simultaneously renewable, self-sufficient, economical and which respect nature.


Permaculture rests on 3 main principles :

    Caring for nature

    Sharing equally

    Caring for Mankind


The preliminary step is called “design”. This is a matter of conception, of creating the idea of a harmonious space consisting of areas for both living and cultivation.


Potatoes grown under straw : a first step


Some members of the “Quartier Stuff” have taken the initiative of trying out

permaculture via the cultivation of potatoes under straw, also known as mulching. The originality of this method lies in the fact that the plants are not dug into the soil. It was carried out in an experimental garden maintained by members of the “Quarter Stuff” in the Grünewald District: Mario Villamiel, Giacomo Piovan, Ophélie Decaillot and Gaëlle Tavernier.


The group’s project began with the preparation of the ground. Once that was completed, the group began laying down the potato plants. Finally, a layer of straw, deep enough to keep out any light, was added. The depth of the layer of straw is of major importance because no light should penetrate through to the potatoes or they will turn green and become poisonous.


See you at the harvest!


Turning plastic bottles into a greenhouse?


And now, the latest challenge - to build a greenhouse out of plastic bottles. This would allow a high-yield vegetable crop to be grown while simultaneously recycling plastic bottles. This project, led by the Green Group of the “Quartier Stuff” will soon see the light of day. Construction has already begun.