Laboratory for urban innovation, the Quartier Stuff is a collaborative, transdisciplinary project which uses the collective creativity and ingenuity to resolve the complex urban challenges of today. 

Our philosophy: to innovate, begin at citizen level.

The Quartier Stuff is a pilot project begun by the Kirchberg Fund with the aim of bringing to the fore the nearness, interaction and participation of citizens. The importance of conversation and the social contact embodied by a “Stuff”, a crucial part of Luxembourgish life,  are now more relevant than ever. Having its present home in the Grünewald District, the Quartier Stuff is, in the long term, a project which can be moved to other districts on the Kirchberg.

The Quartier Stuff is the opportunity to rethink your area, define its needs and influence your environment directly. The Fund wants to provide the residents and professional employees of the Kirchberg, regardless of age and nationality, with a tool to foster a collaborative and friendly atmosphere. A tool at whose essence lies the chance for them to become influential actors in their district. That’s the challenge of the Quartier Stuff!

It is about a developmental approach, in which you learn a bit more at every step. By a process of participation, the Quartier Stuff is trying to find new pathways in the face of social complexity and to resolve today’s complex urban challenges.

In using Design Thinking methods, the Quartier Stuff works within a co-creational logic with its citizens and accords great importance to the observation of the terrain to better understand the client’s point of view.