Taking your suggestions to shape Grünewald seriously

In May, Grünewald has seen its largest crowdsourcing initiative, with more than 1,250 ideas collected from across and beyond Kirchberg. After careful bundling, sorting and selection, six challenge teams have been established at the core of the Quartier Stuff lab, working on the following topics: ‘green’, ‘mobility’, ‘public space’, ‘services’, ‘social district life’ and ‘youth’.


Observation and research help lab members understand your needs

Each of the challenge teams has immersed itself into an observation phase, during which they carried out interviews, observation and research in the district in order to better understand who the final users are and which specific needs hide behind the hundreds and hundreds of collected suggestions. This deep desire to really observe and understand the users before jumping into solutions is the very basis of the lab’s human-driven design philosophy.


Further empathising with end users for the purpose of meaningful design

The challenge teams have used a mix of carefully developed design thinking methods to further understand the challenges and dreams of Grünewalders. One of them was to use ‘design personas’ representing the target users, to dive deep into their goals, motivations, frustrations and ideal experiences at Kirchberg. It was a good exercise to empathise with the persons living, working and visiting our district.

Another way to understand the end users better was to use ‘user journey mapping’ technique, which helped pinpoint the highs and lows of different experiences at the district. These analyses have helped the lab members develop and refine the so-called ‘points-of-view’ (which problem to solve for whom) of the users which will serve as the basis for the solutions ideation phase.


What’s next

Enriched by even more members, the lab’s new task is to ideate concrete systemic solutions for the defined ‘points-of-view’. Later on, supported by our Circle of Friends, these solutions will be further enriched to get even more concrete in the prototyping phase.


Live video streaming

Soon, the core lab’s efforts will be accompanied by live video streaming on Facebook, so stay tuned and get involved!